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Xbox 360 Firmware Toolkit v4.00


Filename: 360FW-Toolbox-40.rar
Size: 0KB
Downloads: 17,247

A GUI to handle several common DVD-ROM firmware tasks.

v4.00 changes:
  • Added: Smart Hack Patcher now implements ixtreme 1.2 (thanks to c4e)
  • Added: Now Supports 100% BENQ Firmwares (spoof, key changing, etc)
  • Added: Option to Restore Original Firmwares based on any dump you have
  • Corrected: Several other bugs
  • Added: OCX's included on the release (there are available on Microsoft site anyway)

  • Direct Dump and Direct Flash over all versions of GDR3120L drives even the 0078 FK drives.
  • Allow copy-paste of the keys between firmare not matter if they are crypted or not or if they are different vendor or even better, not matter which version of Fw (46,47,59,78 etc)
  • Do common firmware tasks with a mouse click
  • Supports Samsung and Hitachi firmwares All Versions
  • Shows Vendor, ROM version and also if its CRYPTED or NOT
  • Allow crypt or decrypt the files
  • Shows the 16 byte Keys not matter if the file is Crypted
  • Allows adding of TAGS to a KEY like Owner, Serial No, Date. (Dont worry, the tags are not saved onto firmware file)
  • Fully Integrated with Windows Context Menu (like winrar)
  • Fully Supports 512 KB firmwares (2 banks)

Xbox 360 Firmware Toolkit v4.00


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