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LiteOn Firmware Hacks

Hacks for the Xbox360 LiteOn DVD-ROM drives.

Hitachi-LG Firmware Hacks

Hacks for Xbox360 Hitachi-LG DVD-ROM drives. v36/46/47/59/59B, etc...

Toshiba-Samsung Firmware Hacks

Hacks for the Xbox360 Toshiba-Samsung DVD-ROM drives.

BenQ iXtreme Spoofs (0KB - 4,906 downloads)

Use these FW files if you originally had a BenQ drive (with 64930C firmware)

BenQ iXtreme 1.41 REV. 2 (0KB - 11,559 downloads)

C4EVA iXtreme for BenQ

Hddhacker v0.90 (0KB - 9,806 downloads)

Enable your WD HDD to function with your 360.

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