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XBOX 360 SATA Mod (462KB - 24,893 downloads)

This is the tutorial for the XBOX 360 sata mod. This is made to simplify the firmware flash procedure, so you don't have to strip down your xbox everytime. PDF in RAR archive.

BENQ Flash Tutorial (7.97MB - 13,324 downloads)

A Tutorial on how to flash the BENQ/VAD drives. This is for DosFlash V1.0 Beta

Backing Up, Modifying & Flashing the Hitachi-LG 46D and 47D Drives (972KB - 33,498 downloads)

v31 Flashing the Hitachi-LG 46D and 47D drives.

Hitachi-LG 47D Xtreme Firmware Tutorial (495KB - 20,210 downloads)

Backing Up, Modifying & Flashing the Hitach/LG Drive for the Xbox 360.

The TightMod360 (v0.43DA) (53KB - 10,946 downloads)

Explains how to install a second flashrom chip on the Xbox360 DVD-ROM drive.

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