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February 7, 2011
HvxBootOS v1.0

Posted by The Ori

TheFallen93 released HvxBootOS v1.0 for Xbox360 Dev Kits:

This is a simple app that will allow you to boot into xell from newer devkit kernels without the need to write anything to flash. Simply put the HvxBootOS folder on your dev’s hdd and run the xex. It will load xell.bin from the folder and execute it. With this you can boot into a linux live cd and from there do what ever you want. I hope someone will find this useful, because it’s pretty useless to me.

Auto boot files:
I’ve included two files, dashboard-hdd.xbx and dashboard-usb.xbx. Choose one and rename it to dashboard.xbx and stick it in flash. This will make the console boot into HvxBootOS instead of xshell when you turn your console on. This way you can install linux to the hdd and have a fully loaded linux box. To boot into xshell with the launch file installed, simply hold the Y button while the console boots.

Boot paths:
dashboard-hdd.xbx -> DeviceHarddisk0Partition1DEVKITHvxBootOSHvxBootOS-hdd.xex
dashboard-usb.xbx -> DeviceMass0HvxBootOSHvxBootOS-usb.xex

Live demo:

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February 7, 2011

Posted by The Ori

Cancerous1 released a new version of Exult360 – a port of Exult (Ultima 7 engine) to homebrew/JTAG 360s:

It’s taken a little longer than planned but I’m glad to be able to share Exult360 in a playable state. Lot’s of changes from the preview!

Ultima7 is a fairly easy game to play, you talk to the people, learn about their lives and what’s happening in their world and the story will unfold. While lacking glossy shaders and high res graphics, the game is a great adventure with a good story and compelling charectors not found in a lot of games now.

Thanks a LOT to Razkar, Tuxuser, Blackwolf, Juggahaxor and anyone else that tested numerous builds for me. Thanks to Ced2911, STK50, cOz, Node21, Eviltar, Shane Gillespi, Uberfry and everyone else that helped with bugs, and thanks as well as to to the Exult team and all the other friends I’ve made along the way you’ve all been great and helped to make this possible. Last but not least, thanks to Richard Garriot and the Ultima 7 team at Origin for making a great game.

*fixed – FMOPL sound, Digital WAV sfx, Digital Ogg music, numerous other fixes.
*added – A couple easter eggs. And button mappings for cheats.

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February 3, 2011
JungleFlasher to fully Support Xecuter x360USB PRO

Posted by The Ori

(Few spelling errors corrected)

The JungleFlasher Team are proud to announce we have been embedding full support for the upcoming XECUTER X360USB PRO. This it the most exciting thing to happen on the flashing scene since JF hit the scene over 2 years ago.

The neat device will simplify flashing for all users. It integrates seamlessly into JF. It shows as I/O port 0×0000, nothing else changes, everything else works as it always does.

The real advantage as we see it:

* Compatibilty: one device, not 1000′s of different vendors.
* Support: it works, if you have issues, it has been seen before.
* Installation: Plug it in, ta dah, you’re ready.
* Interoperability: works on all current windows OS, signed drivers, no messing.
* Portability: you can take it with you, it’s tiny, smaller than a credit card.

This device has been a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

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February 1, 2011
NAND Flasher 360 v1.0.0 for Xbox360

Posted by The Ori

Trancy of ported the NAND Flasher 360 App now to the Xbox 360, so, NAND Flasher 360 is now also an xbox 360 executbale/homebrewapp for xbox 360 consoles with JTAG/SMC hack:

NAND Flasher 360 for Xbox allows you to read and write the Xbox 360 NAND on the xbox 360.
It includes the french (thx to gx-mod bugess), english (thx to mountie xxl and german languages thanks to a language.ini file which is editable (we hope, that someone will make a spainish translation which the translator can mail to hitman43 /AT/
NAND Flasher 360 for Xbox displays some informations like the nand size, SB revision, mainboard revision and the app has of course the ability to remove Badblocks directly like the PC counterpart NAND Flasher 360 for Windows v1.1.0 does.

What is the NAND Flasher 360 for XBOX?

The NAND Flasher 360 is a NAND -flash program for XBOX 360 (XeX Version). With this program you can update to a
new version of freeboot within minutes. The Data gets verified for each extraction and writing step. Bad blocks
automatically get moved to the appropriate positions (Bad block management). This works for the small as well as
the larger NANDs (16/256/512MB).
Information on the hardware and NAND is also displayed.


– Simple, easy to use interface (a lot of the more complicated stuff gets done automatically)
– Displays information on the hardware and NAND
– Possible to easily add additional languages
– Bad blocks automatically get relocated (for all NAND sizes, 16/256/512MB)
– Verification process which results in very safe, virtually error-free read and write processes


– Ported from “NAND Flasher 360 for Windows v.1.1.0 “

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January 29, 2011
FreeBOOT Toolbox 0.04 Maker v2.7a

Posted by The Ori

BestPig released a new version of freeBOOT ToolBox – a tool that allows to create and customize a freeBOOT image based on an original or XBR/freeBOOT dump:

This new version comes with the option to deactivate the KeyVault hash checks. This will allow those with a corrupt KV to use the 12611 dashboard on their JTAG 360.

Other new stuff:

* The “My console has no DVD drive” feature now works correctly.

Official Site: (the interface is also available in English)

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January 29, 2011
Easy freeBOOT HC Edition – Official

Posted by The Ori

After HeyDex released a version of my tool with hash checks removed I decided to update my own source and add in a few new features.

Easy Freeboot is a tool that creates 12611 freeboot images for Jtaged Xbox 360 Consoles


* Donor BB jasper smc config Fixed
* New gui
* ability to choose patches (more will be added later)
* more bugfixes
* CPUKEY grab fixed
* endless loop fixed
* cleaned code

Things todo:
* Add auto build from xell
* Usb save
* Nandpro stuff (was there befor but never finished)
* other stuff i cant remember right now

Check it out at…oot-hc-edition/

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January 26, 2011
Disk Swapper v1 Beta DashLaunch Plugin

Posted by The Ori

Disk swapper v1 BETA – Multidisk game switcher
This plugin is not hard coded to require any specific version of dash or for any specific game.

What it does:
If you have games with more than one disk installed on your machine, this plugin takes care of switching from one disk to the other (once you set up the multi.ini file, the plugin, and dash launch of course) ingame.

Currently tested with (so few hence the beta)
– Dead Space 2
– Castlevania
Should work well for most games

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January 23, 2011
HvxDump v1.3

Posted by The Ori

TheFallen93 released HvxDump for Xbox360 DevKits that will allow you to read out lots of information (KeyVault, CPU key, & bootloaders  from your console NAND:

This is a small app that will dump a bunch of things from a devkit:
– Fuse lines
– 1bl rom
– Keyvault
– Bootloaders
– Smc code
– Extended/secdata.bin

TheFallen93: This app runs on every kernel from 11164.3 and up. It is ridiculous that I am actually releasing this app as most people will only use it to get their cpu key, and the cpu key on a devkit is 100% useless. I am releasing this because a few assholes decided it would be a cool idea to sell this and trade it for recoveries. It’s fucking ridiculous that people do this kind of shit. Stop leaking shit and go learn something for once you fucking assholes.

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January 22, 2011
FreeStyle Dash v2.0 RC1.7

Posted by The Ori

Team FSD released a new W.I.P. build of FreeStyle Dash v2.0, the alternative dashboard for homebrew/JTAG 360s.
Today they released RC1.7 (Rev 2151), available as independent download or if you already have FSD2 you can use the build-in updater.

What’s new/fixed:
(Added) HTTP Download Resuming for interrupted Asset Downloads
(Added) System Extended Partition to the Mount List
(Added) Content Extraction Resuming for interrupted Asset Extraction
(Fixed) Issue where extracted xbox 360 games without nxeart would still have icon downloaded despite settings
(Added) ContentHash to ContentItem to make each content item completely unique each scan
(Added) HTTP Queue to database to support http resuming in all modules
(Updated)Added new setting for weather
(Added) Ability to disable auto scanning
(Added) Toggle Setting for HTTP Download Resuming
(Added) Setting for WeatherLocationName to the database
(Added) Weather
(Added) Weather Location Search
(Added) Clear Skin Data Button
(Fixed) Double focus issue in icon game list
(Updated) Kinect Icon Gradient
(Updated) Weather to support Imperial and Metric Units
(Updated) Kinect icons to closer match retail
(Added) Weather unit setting to DB
(Added) XML Error check to weather. If a key returns invalid it will attempt to get the info with another key.
(Updated) Changed all Weather icons to dds for loading speed increase.
(Updated) Kinect tab background
(Updated) File Manager re-done. Can do actions either way or in either window.
(Fixed) Copying folders in new File Manager.
(Fixed) Root at top when of file strucutre
(Fixed) Hide LB and RB Buttons when processing copy.
(Fixed) folder copy on move.
(Fixed) Focus Bug in Canvas Config Scene
(Fixed) Focus Loss Bug in Change Log View- made all buttons exit scene.
(Fixed) Prior text in Content Settings (fine tuned)
(Added) Weather Icon Set
(Updated) Added Weather Icon to PSD
(Fixed) Deleting package in root deletes Whole Hard Drive.
– Now lists path and says will delete it all.
– Containers only delete file not folders.
(added) Arrows for file manager
(Added) quite a bit more to the samba support (requesting and storing credentials) [It’s almost done now]
(Added) scenes for getting samba credentials
(Fixed) FileBrowser was showing Samba passwords in path
(Deleted) Skin folder
(Added) New Skin
(Updated) Basic files
(Added) Main Scene scene
(Updated) PSD Files
(Updated) Skin
(Updated) Fonts to Xui reduced format
(Updated) Top/Bottom Bar Mock Up
(Added) ability to override stored samba credentials (hold the back button while selecting a samba folder that has stored credentials)
(Fixed) progress dialog in filemanager showing stored passwords as part of the path
(Fixed) message box asking if you really want to delete a file showing stored passwords as part of the path
(Added) Ability to turn on/off samba client in general settings scene
(Added) code to support turning on/off samba client. Samba client is now officially part of the dash. Remember, clicking smb: the first time each session will take some time as your network is scanned for shares.
(Fixed) Make samba credentials scene skin-able (don’t hardcode skin name)
(Added) ability to set the samba workgroup to the general settings scene
(Added) ability to specify samba workgroup
(Added) Multi Font support
(Updated) Main
(Fixed) Crash on copy from or to root. Cant do it now.
(Fixed) Con Launching.
(Updated) SMB Credentials Scn
(Updated) DualPane Scn
(Added) Multi Font support for skins
(Fixed) wstring issue in credentials
(Fixed) Focus bug in Credentials Scn
(Fixed) Wrong Setting shown when content settings is first opened
(Added) Check for root for makedir, delete and rename
(Added) New Date format
(Added) New HDD Labels
(Added) Percentage Label for HDD
(Updated) Top Status bar almost complete
(Fixed) Credentials scn values not set on init
(fixed) Notify on rename
(fixed) Notify wording for copy and move
(fixed) Transfer in titleupdate manager says transferring
(fixed) end samba workgroup to enter samba workgroup
(Fixed) In ftp CWD could crash FSD
(Changed) File Manager always resets both source and destination to the root
(Added) Animated clock
(Updated) Status bar with version 2 for new skin handling

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January 20, 2011
Team Xecuter – New Dashboard: No New FW Needed, Patches Coming.

Posted by The Ori

After New Dash Update 12625 the following games do not boot (Black Screen):
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
Halo Reach

This is an AP2.5 Update so naturally this does not affect non AP2.5 DVD drives (Early Hitachi & Samsung).

If you had LT+ flashed then you will NOT be flagged for a possible ban (good Job c4eva !).

If you did not have LT+ flashed and you tried to boot these games as backups then you are probably flagged for a ban.

AP2.5 Data both PAL and NTSC have been extracted (thanks to c4 and k3) and c4 is now working on the patches and testing will commence.

There will be no need for a firmware update.

We recommend you do not update yet until there is a working method tested and released.
There is no ETA on release so do not ask. if you ask then other members have my permissions to facepalm the offender and ridicule them until they probably start crying.

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